Friday, May 8, 2009

Review: The Key by Marianne Curley

The Key is the final book in the Guardians of Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley. This is a young adult series.

Summary from Barnes and Noble:
In the thrilling, final installment of the Guardians of Time trilogy, tentative guard members Matt and Rochelle have emerged as crucial players in fulfilling the prophecy of the Named. Matt has learned that he is the son of an immortal, while Rochelle is struggling with her newfound powers and her fear that the group doesn't trust her. In fact, their leader is certain that someone in the close-knit circle is a traitor-but who? As suspicions mount, friction threatens to tear apart the Guard. Will the members of the Named be able to overcome their fears and unite the Guardians of Time in their last stand against evil and chaos?

I enjoyed this series, it was different from other things I've been reading lately. This book again was told from the perspective of two characters. Different characters. I found it a little hard to get used to that and had to keep reminding myself WHO was narrating, since each book had different characters narrating. (This one was told by Matt and Rochelle). At the same time, it was interesting to get so many different perspectives throughout the series. There was a lot of action in this one, the plot moved quickly and kept me guessing.

I liked the way the series ended. The fact that it wasn't perfect made it feel more realistic. I was sad, but I think it was the way it had to happen!

Rated: 4/5


  1. Well done. i think that maybe you should explain more about what happens in the ending of the book just so people can understand the book but good job. i love these books too and i was very sad when rochelle died she was my favourite character :(

  2. i agree from the previous comment. I cant believe Rochelle dies. After i read the part that she died i had tears in my eyes. I wish you could write a third book that explains what happens next. Please consider this.

  3. There really has to come a fourth book,
    I enjoyed all 3 books so much
    and I hope they find a way to make everything all right
    I recommend these books to everyone who also loved Twilight and even Lord of the rings, they are so different from those series, yet so alike

  4. i love these books i havent read after the named but cant wait!!!

  5. I love the previous 2 books but I'm still trying to find this book, the key. All along, I thought that Rochelle was evil but after reading all your comments for this book, I think I have to change my perspective of Matt and Rochelle!:)

  6. I seriously can't believe Rochelle died!i never really liked her but I never wanted her to die

  7. I loved this series!Hopefully, Marianne Curley will consider writing a fourth book. The Key had a beautiful yet bittersweet ending that I think was a perfect ending for this amazing series.

  8. The series is really good. I really wish we had of read it from Isabels perspective however in 'The Key'. The ending ruined it for me though. There should have been a way for Rochelle to come back, or, Dillon should have died instead. He's the one who didn't have a soul mate and was childish anyway! It really did ruin it for me.