Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I got a Nook several months ago, but have just started playing around with it more, recently. E-readers are all the rage right now, and I admit - it's fun! I thought I would miss the feel of a real book, but I don't. It's easy to read on, easy to navigate. The one thing that I was worried about was spending a lot of money on e-books. I've been getting most of my books from the library lately, since I have way too many books already, and to cut back on spending. So the Nook takes care of the space issue, but not the spending! However, I discovered how to download library e-books onto it now! The library doesn't have as many e-books as they do regular books, but they do have a pretty decent collection! So, I am excited about being able to check out e-books and read them on my Nook! I also scored a couple 'free' B&N giftcards (from Pampers points, and Discover Card rewards), so I will be able to buy some e-books guilt-free!

Since the Nook is the only e-reader I've used, I can't really compare it to others...but I think it's pretty awesome! And with the recent price drop, I have a feeling a lot more people will be getting one!

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