Saturday, October 31, 2009

Selling Used Books?

I am trying to do some de-cluttering to make room for this new baby, so I went through some books this morning. Yikes! I have SO MANY!! I'm making some piles and need to figure out my plan of action.

Does anyone know of good places to sell used books? A lot of my books are popular ones that are in great condition. It sounds like most used books stores prefer to give store credit. I could also do swapping online, but I really just need to get rid of a lot of them to save the space.

I don't expect to make a TON of money, but a little cash wouldn't hurt! It's kind of hurting my head to think of how much money I spent on them all in the first place!!

Let me know if you have any advice! I could donate some of them to the library also, but I'd like to check out some ideas for making cash first!


  1. would probably work, since you can name a price for the books and they reimburse you for shipping and all that jazz. Amazon does that too but I've only ever sold stuff on; my experience there has been very good. Good luck!

  2. If you have a half priced books nearby they give cash. Most other used book stores I've been to only do store credit. If you don't mind mailing you can do and save the credits for later when you are ready for more books.