Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

Wondrous Strange is the first novel by Lesley Livingston.

Summary from Barnes and Noble:
For seventeen-year-old actress Kelley Winslow, faeries are just something from childhood stories. Then she meets Sonny Flannery, whose steel-gray eyes mask an equally steely determination to protect her.
Sonny guards the Samhain Gate, which connects the mortal realm with the Faerie's enchanted, dangerous Otherworld. Usually kept shut by order of icy King Auberon, the Gate stands open but once a year.
This year, as the time approaches when the Samhain Gate will swing wide and nightmarish Fae will fight their way into an unsuspecting human world, something different is happening . . . something wondrous and strange. And Kelley's eyes are opening not just to the Faerie that surround her but to the heritage that awaits her.
Now Kelley must navigate deadly Faerie treachery—and her growing feelings for Sonny—in this dazzling page-turner filled with luminous romance.
Wondrous Strange is a richly layered tale of love between faerie and mortal, betrayal between kings and queens, and magic . . . between author and reader.

When I started this one, I wondered if it was going to end up being too 'out there' for me. I'm new to the fantasy and paranormal world of books (although I'm loving them). But, I got sucked into this one pretty quickly. I am a big Shakespeare fan, and loved the weaving of his work into this story. I thought the relationship between Sonny and Kelley was really sweet. I liked that she was tough, but still vulnerable. And he was the same way.

The ending was left so that there COULD be a follow up book - does anyone know if there will be?

I think the only thing that bugged me a little bit about this one was how quickly Kelley seemed to believe the fact that she was who Sonny told her she was. I guess she had seen some things going on that made her suspicious, but I'm pretty sure if someone told me I was a Faerie Princess, it would take me quite awhile to get a grasp on it! Maybe that's just me!

Overall, I really enjoyed this one and would love to read more by this author. Plus, she's Canadian, which earns me points with my husband and his family (all Canadian). :)

Rated: 4/5


  1. Katie,

    According to the author's blog this is the first book in a trilogy. She has already finished 2nd round edits on the second book.

  2. cool, thanks! I thought there would be more, I was just too lazy to look! ;) haha.

  3. the story is so very cool... i like it. cause it was like the story of twilight.. :)