Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Secret Santa Gift Ever??

We had a little gift exchange at work today. We had drawn names a few weeks ago. Our spending limit is $10, and I don't know some of the people too well, so it's always interesting to see what people end up with. Last year I got a candle and some Christmas washcloths.

This year, I got the best gift of the bunch! A $10 giftcard for Barnes and Noble!! I was so excited! And the person that got it for me apologized for the 'boring' gift! No way! It was perfect!

Also, when I got home, I had a package from Barnes and Noble! My books that I had ordered with my birthday gift cards! I think I got 12 books! Can't wait to dig into those!


  1. Nice!!! So I did okay with the gift card for your birthday then!? ;)

  2. oh, definitely! I just got a big box of books that I ordered using that card and another one that I got for my birthday!

    I already have another 10 books on my Barnes and Noble wish-list ;)