Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm behind

I've finished a couple books and haven't reviewed them yet. Oh well, I'll get to it. I think I'm pretty much the only one that reads this anyway! ha :)

In other news, I have a Barnes and Noble 15% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I've been trying to spend less money lately, so I haven't used it yet. Maybe if we go to the mall on Saturday... We'll see!

Ok, back to my book!


  1. You are not the only one that reads this. I check it every time you have a new post. I enjoy your reviews :) Oh and yes I was on that trying not to spend money at the book store thing didn't work out well for me so best of luck to you!

  2. thanks :) I have a few new ones to review, but I've been too lazy the last couple days!
    I managed to get out of the bookstore with only 3 books that's not TOO bad, right? :)