Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Hunted by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

This book came out this week. It's the 5th installment of the House of Night young adult series.

This one started a little slow for me. I have a hard time getting past the 'teen talk' - as in 'boobies' and 'poopie' - I think the plot is strong enough and it doesn't need any of that. Once I can get past that, I usually tend to enjoy the story.

If you like the series, I think you'll like this one.

I'm over Erik. I'm rooting for Stark now. I wish she would just pick a guy! Now that Stark and Stevie Ray are both red vampyres, I'm wondering if we'll finally find out more about that group. Interested to see where the story will go from here.

Rated: 3.5-4/5


  1. Good Review. I am also a Stark fan, there is something about Erik that is unsettling. I am not sure why but I hope to find out soon. Also as for the Red Fledglings...when are we going to find out about what is going on with them? Something is up. I like the series, and enjoy the characters in them, I am not sure if I enjoy this book. It had such great momentum and then kinda ended pretty flat.

    I am glad to see that you felt the same way as I did. I had a review posted on my blog about it and I and Vania had a blog chat about it yesterday :)

  2. just read your review! (I had avoided it until I finished the book) I agree, it seemed like at the end, nothing had REALLY happened...and Zoey is STILL deciding between all of the guys! I need some answers!!

  3. Lol zoey drives me nuts with her love triangles

    I still can't believe she imprinted with Heath again!

  4. I know, really Heath. Must we go in circles. I KNOW they can be more original than that.

  5. is there going to be another book to explain what happens to Zoey, Erik, Kalona, Heath, Stark, and everyone else?.. I think the last book ended very unclear and ridiculous. I want to know wut happens to everyone n everything. How do u write a book and just basically leave it unfinished? Does she love Erik, Heath, or Stark? Does she trust Stevie Ray...Or is she hiding something terrible.. How do u finish a series with all this left un mentioned... This is why Twighlight will be the best of the century. At least they explained everything n didnt leave it all confusing