Friday, January 2, 2009

Book Reviews

I have such a hard time reviewing books. I hate giving any of the plot away for people that haven't read the book, and I often have a hard time pinpointing exactly what I liked or disliked about a book.

But, I'm going to attempt to do a little better at reviewing in 2009!

If I'm giving away any key info, I'll make sure to put it in a paragraph titled "SPOILERS!" so you don't accidentally read too much if you don't want to!

Also I'm going to give ratings.

5 - loved it!!
4 - great book, I'd recommend it
3 - good, kept me reading
2 - it was ok
1 - not worth it

I'll attempt to write at least a little bit about each book that I read. I know reviews can be really helpful in picking out books to read!


  1. I'm really bad about reviews. Originally I was doing a recap of what went on in the entire book and had these huge posts. Now I'm trying to just give an overview and then a spoilers section with what I thought about the book. We'll see how that works out.

  2. yeah, I either write way too much, or somehow give NO info! I'm trying to do better!