Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Wish List

I logged on to my Barnes and Noble wish list today, and realized that I have SIXTY books on it! I was even able to take a few off the other day (I got some books for Christmas), and the list is still that big! Some of the books are part of a series, and I only have the first book on the list, so imagine if I had the entire series listed....

Is that ridiculous? I won't end up buying all of those, but wow...that's a lot of books that I've checked into and thought they sounded interesting!

I did notice that a lot of them are young adult books. Apparently I've become hooked on them. I've read some really great ones lately!

I have some gift cards that I got for Christmas, so I'm tempted to get some of the books, but I'm also hoping to get a coupon first. And last night when I went to grab a new book to read, I realized that I have quite a few at home that I haven't read yet either... so maybe I should hold off on getting anything else new for now! It's so tempting though!! I do have a couple at home that are the first books of a series, so I'm sure if I like those I'll be buying the rest right away!!

I really need to organize my bookshelves so that I can see the 'new' books and know what my options are! Maybe that will be my project for the week...


  1. I know how it is! I have so many books that I want to check out, are on my wish list and I think I have over 40 books on my shelves at home to be read. I just can't stop!

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